Townley Valuation Services Limited provides expert inventories and valuations of fine art and antiques. We are able to provide a service for collections of all types and sizes. The company, which was formed in 2003, is owned and managed by Robin Townley, who has over thirty years of experience in the field of fine art and antiques.

Antique inventories and valuations are prepared by a team of highly skilled and experienced expert consultants. All have worked for many years in the fine art and antiques world, for the most part in the leading auction houses. The team covers almost every area of antiques and collectables and many of the specialists are eminent in their field. Sotheby’s world renowned expertise is also available if required for particularly unusual or high value items. Robin will personally manage every valuation to ensure that the highest standard of service is maintained.

In most instances where a number of different items are to be valued, a free preliminary inspection of the collection is offered to assess the nature and amount of the items to be valued and to discuss the scope, method and basis of valuation required. The service would be tailored to meet your needs.

To discuss your requirements please contact Robin Townley.